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Diary News - Jeannette Norell

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Jeannette Norell

Jeannette Norell was Belgravia's most stylish Flower Girl. Her shop in London Belgravia’s elegant Elizabeth Street, was famous for her creations of silk trees and silk flower arrangements, which she imported from the East. She supplied Cary Grant, Stewart Granger and famous and aristocratic Belgravia residents, businesses, restaurants and developers who wanted to make a decorative splash, including the restaurateur Peter Boisot. Also the original Poppy Tree for Mr Kai of Mayfair, launched by Liz Brewer, and the Adam & Eve Tree for Edens, Upper Brook Street, now Le Gavroche. Complete with bar, ready to serve refreshments and wine at the appropriate time, her shop quickly turned into a corner sought-after silk flower atelier and social venue, always buzzing with activity.

Her lunches in her spacious Eaton Square garden and home were legendary, where she and her great friend, Party Queen Liz Brewer, would exchange the news and goings on with their guests in this, The Duke Of Westminster's smartest garden square.

She was an intensely kind person, thoughtful, considerate, loyal to her friends, warm hearted and supremely stylish. Her book ‘From My Window’ recorded stories inspired by those who frequented her shop over 13 years.

She was on good form at Royal Ascot last month, where she joined Liz Brewer's Lunch for George and Tatiana Piskov, amid the Bentleys, Butlers and Champagne, in Car Park Number One.

Her long term friend Liz Brewer, for whom she acted as occasional PA, especially during The Season, said  “She was a great inspiration to me and many of my friends. Never once did I arrive home after having hosted an event, large or small, when there wasn’t a message waiting, with the usual thank you, but always adding;

"Hair good, make-up good, speech meaningful, dress appropriate - (though I generally prefer you in blue) or (perhaps a little more décolleté) etc etc. A sort of ‘end of term report’ which I will now sadly miss as well as her colourful style, wit and wisdom”

Jeannette Norell, who died recently, will be greatly missed by all her friends, to whom she was a very special person.

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